The ShredStixx - Chaos Carbon Sixer: Board Review

Shredstixx and custom designs by Nick Wiersema (Choas Surf)

The Sixer:

Sixer is a generic term for boards with 6 fins, it is not a specific design.  Having six fin boxes, allows the board to be ridden as sixer, quad, twinzer-style, or twin.  The Chaos Carbon Sixer allows for optimal speed and stability so that the rider can push the board to its limits.  It translates to more speed with the hold of a quad allowing really hard turns.

The Shape: 

Like all wake surfboards the rocker is comparatively low. The bottom is a mix of single and double concaves, and maybe even a little rolled vee for fun.  The wide tail found on boards like this benefit greatly from more fins or increased overall fin area.

The Bamboo:  

Adding a layer of bamboo generally allows the reduction of fiberglass layers and considerable improvement in the impact and puncture strength.  The Sixer has a lighter foam core and is far stronger than your ordinary custom.

The Fins:

The board comes standard with Futures Fins Vector II F4s in Thermotech white, but can be upgraded to premium RTM Honeycomb/Carbon Fiber Chaos Pro Fins.  The Chaos Pro fin system was developed to optimize speed and drive with improved release, than a typical ocean surfing fin.