Boarders Mag Issue #3 - Editors Pick: Top 3 Favorite Photos

1.  Lake Tahoe Swell.  Photo:  Peter Spain.  Surfing on Lake Tahoe.  This is one of the best photos of a Tahoe swell and as good as it gets.  The main factor for storms- wind!  Yet Peter Spain was here at the right place and right time to capture an epic shot near sunset, a huge consistent wave and a clean Lake Tahoe minus the wind.  Where are the surfers?  Who surfs here?  and more in issue #3 featuring the Endless Winter and freshwater surf from Tahoe to The Great Lakes.  

Photo: Peter Spain

Photo: Peter Spain

2. Surf by Fitzpatrick.  A great shot of an up and coming shaper in a familiar setting.  This is where the magic begins:  a van, a shed, or a garage, but more than anything, dedication and time.  This is Mike Fitzpatrick in his backyard, his mini shaping room and his passion for surf and board making that continues throughout the night.  The interesting part is finding out exactly where his journey begins along with some of his recent projects.  


3.  7X World Champ Drew Danielo at the 2013 World Wake Surfing Championship.  Where:  Lake Las Vegas in a perfect venue that also houses some big paddle races.  A private lake, Vegas strip not too far, mountains and palm trees in the background and the go to event for wake surfing and an article featuring Mr. Wake Surf himself.  His background, his passion, his journey, his future by Ali Malinowski.


Picks by Editor: Tyler Marshall

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