Swell Within - Swell.com

Swell is the formation of long wave length waves on the surface of the sea.  It is also the name of one of the top online surf shops featuring the newest and raddest clothing for surfers and inland surfers.  From hats to t-shirts and tanks, sandals and boardshorts and even the latest surf and longboard gear.  You might even find yourself staring at the women's clothing section and all of the new luscious looks. 

Since 1999 Swell states that it has been committed "to be more than just a source for surf clothing, gear and accessories as the top online surf shop and lifestyle boutique for men and women, our goal is to bring you the very best from established surf brands such as Billabong, RVCA and Quicksilver, as well as hand-picked selection of styles from up-and-coming surf and lifestyle brands."  A future for inland surf specific wake surfing and standup paddle brands?

With a huge social media following and a mass produced monthly catalogue you might find yourself ordering some gear from Swell from time to time.  The interesting part is that this surf lifestyle movement and most of Swell's customers might not even be surfers themselves, just ordinary people that dig the style and laid back feel that is surfing.  Swell is just one of many that are paving the way towards a global surf market that is estimated to reach 13 billion by 2017; imagine what this means for surfing as a lifestyle movement.  

It started as an ocean swell and now the experience can be bought online at swell.com.  Swell is within the lives of surfers and non surfers; a growing lifestyle that slips on a pair of flip flops, a Quicksilver tank top and some Vonzipper sunglasses ready to ride the wave of life.

Be sure and check out their March catalogue: