How I Got The Shot: Drew Danielo

Getting the inside scoop on the new Phase Five team video shoot inside scoop with Drew Danielo.  Drew does it all, even takes part as one of the videographers to make it happen.  

So Drew, this picture is great, you are in the water with a go pro in close proximity to boat and surfer, what were you doing?

"We had some of the Phase 5 team for our annual video shoot. This was a foggy morning and we decided to do some drive shots.  Basically trying to time tricks right in front of the camera person."

photo (1).JPG

Who were you shooting?
Here I am shooting the one and only Stacia Bank.  She finished 3rd in pro women's skim and surf this past year (at the World Wake Surf Championship).  Stacia is an unbelievably good rider. Biggest airs on a surf style board from any girl (and most guys)

Where and why?
This was in Lake June, which is in Lake Placid, Florida.  We chose Lake June because it is a beautiful lake and home to the 2013 Women's Am skim world champ and breakout female rider of 2013, Jodi Grasman, who is also part of the Phase 5 team.

Were you taking video or photo?                                                                   We were shooting video in this pic.  We did shoot a lot of still photos but we had Corbin Blanton of CB Films in town to shoot all of our 2014 video.

"Keep your eyes out for these videos to drop.  We had 2 different riders throwing 540 variations.  Some of the best girl riding on video and you will see how close the Phase 5 team is with each other.  We aren't just a team, we are family!

Oh did I mention we rode doubles on a 53' Carver out in the gulf?  Yeah you will want to see that."  -Drew