Q & A with Xana Nash & Hype Surf Co

Xana Nash

Womens Pro Flowboarding Champion

Naples, Florida

Age:  16 Years Old

Homewave:  We live 3-4 hours away from a wave, so I ride whenever and wherever I can, mostly Fantasy Surf and Rapids.

You have become quite the name of flowboarding as the Women’s Pro Flowboarding Champion. So much that you now have the Xana-Kai Flowboarding website. What is the main purpose of this site and who is your target audience?

I meet a lot of people of all ages, cultures, and diverse locations through flowboarding and I am always asked about the sport, how I got involved, and where we are going with our non-profit group.  Through my non-profit group, “Support Young Women in Action Sports,”  I want to hold clinics throughout the United States with the hopes that young women will become inspired to “jump in” to the sport of flowboarding.  I am also hoping that companies and sponsors will reach out to me through this page to provide the monetary support that is needed to launch these potential female athletes to achieve their goals.  Be sure and check out our website: http://www.xana-kaiflowboarding.com.

How do you plan on making a difference in Flowboarding?

I have been reaching out to media through newspapers, magazines, and even television to promote Flowboarding. I want to bring the sport to a new level, as this is a new innovating experience. All of the pros reached out to me, took their time, and supported my progress.  As I continue to learn and advance, I plan on reaching out to new riders of all ages and supporting their growth and potential in Flowboarding.

What events will you attend this year?

I will be attending the Pro Am competitions as well as the North America Flow Tour 2014.  Additionally I will be doing as many Grand Openings for new Flowriders as possible, but my favorite event would have to be going to the Military Rehabilitation Center for the Intrepid.  Here a group of professional Flowboarders visited with military personnel who use the Flowrider as a type of rehabilitation for various injuries. This was an honor and a privilege to work with such dedicated men and women.

What is your favorite flowboarding trick?

My favorite trick right now is a switch 540 big spin and the kick flip, but I am going after varials and other flip tricks.

How involved is your family in flowboarding?

My family began flowboarding on vacations cruising on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships.  My mom, dad, and brother love to ride and even though we all have different interests this became one activity that we can all do together.  Now my family rides when they can, but we all travel as much as possible together when there are competitions and events.

What advice do you have for female athletes?

Go one step farther than you even believe that you can!  Keep a couple tricks up your sleeve and never set limits for yourself!  Don’t ever be confined by what you think you can do or what other people think you should do, just do your own thing!  So far we are already reaching new limits in the women’s divisions and hope to progress to the point where we are competing against men.  

Are you ever nervous while competing?

While I am human and feel nervous on occasion, I am a really focused person when I am riding.  I enter a zone and ride for my passion, channeling my all of my energy.

Do you have any embarrassing flowboard moments you can share with us?

Everything and anything that has ever happened to you, yes, has happened to me! I’ve fallen over barriers, landed in a pretzel formation onto unsuspecting people causing a domino effect of falling onto my fellow riders, and yes I have almost lost my shorts on multiple occasions.  I’ve jumped in and had the water turn off, fallen in poses that no audience should ever have to see, and have fallen just trying get on the water which is step one in learning to ride!

Do you have a favorite song or artist you listen to before a run?

SAIL-Awolnation -  and Logan L.’s playlist!

Xana, thanks again for letting us get to know you a little more!  You are such an inspiring athlete that we all look forward to seeing more and more.  Hype Surf Company and Boarders Magazine fully supports what you’re doing for the sport of flowboarding and we can’t wait to see you again!

 By Alyssa Mize