WakeScout for Boarders Worldwide

Bill Luczo created WakeScout because watersport enthusiasts around the world needed a comprehensive online resource where they can find out where to get on the water to ride and ski, no matter where in the world their travels take them.   As of today there are 1640 listings in 83 countries on WakeScout.  Bill tells us that while wakeboarding is still the most popular watersports, wake surfing and wakeskating are on the rise.

Bill tells us that, “The IWWF estimates there are 40+ million water sport enthusiasts worldwide.  As you and I both know, anyone that has a passion for getting on the water can't wait for that next session or set.  WakeScout lets everyone know where they can get on the water, no matter where they are in the world.  We make a huge effort to have the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available anywhere.  We encourage our users to contribute photos, videos and reviews so people can get a great idea what a place is really like.  Our free app makes it really easy to access this information anywhere in the world.  With the explosive growth of cable wake parks, particularly 2 -tower systems that can be dropped in anywhere and don't require a huge body of water, I am extremely optimistic about the future of WakeScout.”

Every WakeScout listing provides riders and skiers with essential information:

- Descriptions of all the features and obstacles (rails, kickers, sliders, etc.) at the cable wake parks.

- Whether there is access to a slalom course or jump.

- The manufacturer and model of the boat(s) in use.

- The brand of equipment available for use

- The discipline(s) (wakeboarding, waterskiing, kneeboarding, wakesurfing, etc.) available to you.

- Complete contact information: Address / Telephone / Website / E-mail

- Detailed maps of all the locations.

- Water temperature for each season.

- The amount of watercraft traffic on certain days and/or times of day.

- Wind patterns so you know what conditions to expect.

- Current weather conditions and forecast.

- Operating hours

…and much more !

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Ski and Ride Worldwide with the WakeScout App (iphone/android)

The WakeScout app makes it easy for riders and skiers to locate places around the world to wakeboard and water ski.

- Instantly locate all the WakeScout water sport listings close to your current location with just 1 click…from anywhere in the world.

- Browse the WakeScout directory by entering the country you are interested in exploring.

- Find pull offers from boat owners, no matter where your travels take you.

Contribute photos, videos and reviews for any listing.

WakeScout is a community-driven site, encouraging everyone to contribute reviews, photos and videos for any listing.  This provides our water sport community great insight as to what a place is really like.

Know about a place not already on WakeScout?

WakeScout also encourages everyone to contribute new listings so our water sport community can discover and learn about more and more places around the globe to get on the water.  Simply access the “Suggest a New Listing” form found under “Contact” or on various pages throughout the site.

Looking for a pull or have one to offer?

Find or offer “pulls” quickly and easily with our “Connect on the Water” feature!

No matter where you live in the world, or plan to travel to, WakeScout's "Connect on the Water" feature provides riders and skiers with a quick and easy way find and meet up with others who share a passion for getting on the water.  Simply enter your search criteria indicating where you would like to get or offer a "pull" and WakeScout instantly provides a list of matching WakeScout community members you can hook up on the water with.  Whether you’re going to California and want to find a pull or you’re a boat owner in North Carolina needing a third, “Connect on the Water” is just another cool way WakeScout will help get you on the water.