Nocqua Adventure Gear lights up the night for paddlers

Great article on about one of the coolest SUP products - Nocqua Adventure Gear’s SUP lights.

Stand-up paddleboarding has been one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in recent years. It's been growing so fast that even general interest publications like Time Magazine and The Wall Street Journal have taken notice. New start-up outfit Nocqua believes it has a way to make paddleboarding even more fun and popular, empowering paddlers to get out in the dead of night.


Part of what's fueled paddleboarding's popularity is that it's not as location-dependent as its close cousin surfing. Thanks to its integral propulsion (paddle) and large, stable board, paddleboarding can be enjoyed inland on lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

Nocqua formed earlier this year with the intent of unshackling paddleboarding, along with kayaking and canoeing, from time constraints. Its 2000 LED lighting system provides ample lighting for paddling under the star-spattered night sky. No longer will paddleboarders feel compelled to pack it up when the sun sets... 

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