Rider Profile: Korina Smyrek

Photo: Tina Anger

Photo: Tina Anger

Korina Smyrek - Pro wake surfer 

Nationality:  Swiss

Hometown:  Zurich, Switzerland


The Walker Project

Agenda Surf

PROTEST Boardwear

MasterCraft Deutschland

Likes: Travis RiceFreestyler, Formula 1, traveling, cheese, electro music, art, 007, Nirvana 

Dislikes: Traffic jams, pollution of the ocean, snakes, busy places, ginger

Favorite lakes: Switzerland: lake Zurich, lake Obersee, lake Walensee

USA: lake Oroville/ CA, Austin river/ TX, lake Willow/ CO 

Favorite Wakesurf Tricks: 720, 360, Switch FS 360, Air 180, FS 180, FS 180 to 540, airs, airs with grabs variations, switch and backside riding etc. 

Biggest Accomplishments:  2nd and 3rd at the World Wakesurfing Championships, 3x Chill & Ride, 2x Wakesurf Festival, King of the Lake, 3x Oneill Wakesurf Tour, Hurley Come & Ride, Wake and Jam, West Coast Wakesurf Open USA

Interesting Facts:  She is a wakesurf Ambassador for GummiLove. GummiLove is an AIDS prevention campaign who is doing workshops, discussions rounds, charity events, exhibitions, etc. with young people to bring more awareness to this very sensitive topic in combination with sports. 

2014 New Year’s Resolution: 

1.  Winning the World Championships for Pro Women Surf

2.  Visiting European water sports schools to present wakesurfing 

3.  Towing a jumbo tail fin for "Bury the Jumbo" on lake Zurich

Photo: Tina Anger

Photo: Tina Anger

The awesome photos are courtesy of Tina Anger. Thank you Tina!