I Guess I'm Not Kelly Slater Pt. 2 - Keenan Flegel

These images almost make you ask the question, "Who's Kelly Slater?" Check out Keenan, stomping line after line of tricks in this edition of "I Guess I'm Not Kelly Slater Pt. 2" - and get inspired to either step your game up or find a way to see more of this great collaboration of wake surfing and filmmaking.  In case you missed Part 1 - be sure to check it out at this link:  I Guess I'm Not Kelly Slater Pt. 1 and we are not positive, yet would almost bet that Kelly Slater is in a creative think tank working on his next video installment called, "I Guess I'm not Keenan Fleegel"  Both are Legends in their own time!  Outstanding Wave Work!

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