3 Girls In Search of the Perfect Wave help Kickstart 'Can I Surf That' the Video!

‘The search for the perfect wave’ it’s a pursuit that’s been going strong since the 60’s. A fixation shared by those who believe there’s nothing sweeter in this world than the pulsing swells lifting you into a perfect chaos as you glide across the wave's glassy face. But is it possible that the perfect wave could be found far from the ocean? 

With the emergence of whitewater stand up paddle boarding and river surfing people are bringing their search inland. They’re watching the break from a river bank instead of a sandy beach, where rocks replace reefs, river flows replace tides, hike-ins instead of tow-ins, and the search for that perfect wave is as real within these rocky mountains and deep canyons as it is in a palm tree paradise. 

We are a group of women composed of hungry surfers and a creatively charged film crew fueled by our passion for these wild and wonderful rivers. Our obsession will soon become yours. You’ll live our adventure as we create new relationships with fellow surf advocates developing a new sense of global community through inland surfing. It’s our mission to introduce this original sport to the world. We are adding a new twist to a common surf film theme; seeking the new and untouched while rediscovering the old.

Meet the girls & learn more about the film and how you can help here:  'Can I Surf That' Kickstarter'