Jaqualine Fort Ripping

"Born and raised in CT I always sensed a bit of emptiness, like part of me was missing. I started out skateboarding for fun, and began wakeboarding in CT's coldest waters. I made a bet with a high school friend that I would move to FL and learn to surf, because it always seemed like ME! I bought my first surf board in CT, just for the dream of using it!! It was not just the state that was my problem, but something was missing within me. I moved to Florida at the age of 18 solely for its sunshine, water, and surfing which I learned would give me life! Not too long after my move and discovering the amazing beaches nearby, I found a new life. I learned to surf... but in lakes!!! After finding my passion in surfing I have created new life endeavors. My goal is to share my passion of wakesurfing with everyone I meet in hopes to extend my love of this sport to them. I have been in the pro/open division since my very first contest in 2007 and have been ranked number 1 or 2 in almost every competition. I not only want to be the best wakesurfer, I want to be an exceptional role model for the sport!" - Jaqualine Fort

Video: Shot and Edited by: Cody Law