2014 World Wake Surfing Championship - Photos

Rider: Zach Smith

The desert in Las Vegas was nothing less than scorching hot for the 2014 World Wake Surf Championship. The event was held at the beautiful Hilton Lake Las Vegas. Every rider from amateur to pro came in from around the globe to show the world what they have and claim their spot on the prestigious podium. With the winds kicking up it added a whole new challenge to locking down a spot as the best wake surfer in the world!

Two specific riders came into the event with perfect records from the competitive season. Ashley Kidd & Keenan Flegel both had a flawless year on tour, mowing down everyone in their path. They both were fiercely focused on finishing out a perfect year by throwing their biggest and baddest trick awing the crowd. Keenan was the reigning surf style champion and kept a perfect season in both skim and surf by taking the top spot in both disciplines. Ashley has been focused and on fire this year on her goal to win her first ever world championship, and she did just that with her huge air 180's and clean shuvs. 

It was a dramatic comeback for veteran skimmer Sean Cummings and veteran surfer Jimmi Sparling after a long awaited return to the podium. Both athletes surpassed their younger competitors to achieve standings in the rankings. The award ceremony was both harmonious and exuberant as all the athletes and sponsors took to fashion to ring in the announcements. From sparkling dresses and high heels to tuxedos and flip flops, it was the best of the best at their best celebrating the best. 

Jimmi Sparling - Photo: Pepper Yandell

Pro Men Surf
1. Keenan Flegal
2. Jimmi Sparling
3. James Walker

Pro Men Skim
1. Keenan Flegal
2. Noah Flegal
3. Sean Cummings

Rider: Raleigh Hager - Photo: Pepper Yandell

Pro Women Surf
1. Ashley Kidd
2. Raleigh Hager
3. Emily Agate

Pro Women Skim
1. Bri Chmel
2. Caroline Villeneuve
3. Jodi Grassman

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