Wake For Warriors Project

Support Our Troops.  It is a slogan that everyone has come to know, and it has allowed the comradery of nation in support of both our active soldiers and our returning veterans.  We know that returning to civilian life can prove difficult, as the general public does not know what they know, has not seen what they’ve seen, and has not been through the same struggles they have.  It can be hard for our veterans to relate to people, and sometimes, even their own families.  That’s why we are proud supporters of the Wake for Warriors project that brings together veterans and their families for a weekend of fun behind a boat! 

It isn’t all wakesurfing and wakeboarding.  Founder David Deep, also a retired veteran and avid waterman, believes that these activities are not only therapeutic to their injuries, but also their state of mind. One weekend a month from May through September, Wake for Warriors invites a few veterans and their families out to build their skills, push their limits, and create personal relationships.  

Personal relationships being the most emphasized because, more than anything, this project is about building a support structure that the veterans can always fall back on.  

The organization has grown in the 4 years that they have been around.  Neighbors of David’s now donate their homes on the weekends of the events for the families and friends coming to experience the enjoyment, and now, partnered with similar organizations like the Semper Fi Fund and the EOD Warrior Foundation, they have expanded beyond their small Lake Arrowhead in Cherokee County, GA to the bays of Miami!

November 17th and 18th, Wake for Warriors is taking a group of veterans for a weekend of fun at the Gator Bait Wakeboard School down in beautiful Miami!  Gator Bait has generously donated their time and boats to show their support for our troops, and as W4W grows we are sure that other likeminded companies will follow suit.


In June 2016, they are planning a massive 2 day event sponsoring 15-20 participants behind 4-5 boats on beautiful Lake Lanier in Georgia.  This foundations is entirely run by volunteers so 100% of the proceeds generated from the Wake for Warriors project are utilized in making events like these possible.  We at Boarders Magazine hope this story has inspired you as it did us.  To get involved go to www.wakeforwarriors.org and like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/WakeWarriors

Wake for Warriors
Wake for Warriors- Learning to Wakeboard