Surf Expo 2015: Best of

Jessica Cichra- Local Honey Designs

Jessica Cichra and Local Honey Designs:  "I like their swimsuits because they are for active wear (supportive and functional) yet fashionable and sexy.  They are all reversible (great for travel with lots of combinations for many suits in one), soft and extremely comfortable for all-day wear.  I like being their ambassador because I love their products, that they are women-run and USA made.  Plus they have styles for all shapes and sizes of ladies to encourage all women to get on the water!"  

Johnny Puakea and Seychell

Johnny Puakea and Seychelle:  At the SUPATX / Lahui Kai booth I talked with Johnny Puakea and Annabel Anderson.  Johnny Puakea is an international canoe builder, paddle coach and paddle designer that has teamed up with SUPATX to develop his new line of paddles.  This picture takes place after I asked Johnny a simple question that developed into a communal discussion about paddle technique and a crowd gathered around to hear his response.  On the left, looking up, is sup racer Sheyelle, who just happened to be there too.  Next to Annabel Anderson Sheyelle was the top sup racer at Expo and took first place the following day at the Neptunali Challenge in Melbourne. 

Jacob Dildine Futures Fins

Jacob Dildine at Future’s Fins:  In 2014 Future’s introduced the John John pro model fin and more than 400% of their orders were filled within a blink of an eye.  “A good problem to have” says Jacob Dildine.  Another great problem to have is the introduction of the new Black Stix fins for both surf and a go-to for wake surfers.  Meanwhile there SUP line of fins are both colorful and an effective choice for any type of SUP, surf to flatwater.  

Body Glove Swimwear

4.  Diana Schaekel with Body Glove.  "I love my Body Glove, it's always the perfect fit and it's just right for all my adventures."  Body Glove Breathe is the new active wear collection for her including pants/capris/shorts, sports bras, tanks/tees/hoodies and hybrids for sup and wake surf and it includes everything needed for an outdoor lifestyle that breathes in the fresh air.  Check out other awesome Body Glove products like their Barefoot 3T SUP shoes. 

Tom Jones Titan Paddles

Tom Jones and Titan Paddles:  Tom Jones, fitness and endurance paddler, has teamed up with the perfect company- Titan Paddles backed by armed forces veterans.  Unstoppable long distance paddler meets a nearly indestructible paddle with a three year warranty resulting in new world record distances.  

Customs Form-23.jpg

Torch Paddles:  A couple of the fellows over at Torch paddles including Buck Bailey and David Swanson who are lighting up the SUP world with their paddles that glow aka Torch Paddles.  Have you seen these new glow paddles in our recent lights issue?  At the push of a button let there be light, enjoy a paddle excursion at night and an affordable experience for only $232.  More about Torch paddles in our December Lights Issue segment called "Let There Be Light."  

360 Degree Camera

V.360 camera- The most innovative new accessory is the 360 degree camera from V.360.  Watch out gopro there’s a new guy in town and he comes equipped with action at every angle with superb video quality.  The world's first seamless 360 degree action camera, up to 30FPS and a 4K image sensor.  Check them out at  See how it compares to the new GoPro Hero4.

Sports Insurance Hawaii

Sports Insurance Hawaii-  Need insurance for your surf or sup school?  Meet the fellows at Sports Insurance Hawaii based out of New York, but delivering an aloha attitude and in full support of all of the liability needed for watersports and more.   

IceMule Coolers

IceMule Coolers-  Angie Grab and Christine Mcfaul here with their waterproof and floatable IceMule Coolers.  Did we mention that it keeps ice cool for up to 24 hours?  What else do you need on the water for all of your beverages?  The perfect product for any and every watersport, from the lakes to the rivers.  "I like that they are portable and easy to carry, not too big and bulky" says Angie.  Then there is James Collie, owner, who told us that "For 2015 we are focused on trying to be the best supplier for our dealers that we can be."  

Brittany Parker and Natali Zollinger

Brittany Parker and Natali Zollinger in the house!  It was great meeting up with these two athletes for the first time.  Brittany has been a big support and contributor for the mag and now we have Natali being featured in our upcoming off-season training feature.  Be sure and check out Brittany's "Can I Surf That" movie coming out May of 2015. 

Article & Video: Tyler Marshall

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