Boarders Mag Top Videos of 2014

Here is 8 of our favorite videos of the year.  In no particular order:

1.  Keenan Flegel in “I Got This.”  Keenan is here once again pushing the limits of wake surfing and showing everyone why he is the best athlete in the sport today.  This was a Boarders Mag exclusive video for our Facebook followers and within a weeks time the short video was played nearly 10,000 times.  Keenan took first this year in both surf and skim at World's on Lake Las Vegas.  He rides for Centurion boats and Inland Surfer.  

2.  Payette River Games 2014.  The event of the year in Cascade, Idaho featuring whitewater SUP racing and river surfing.  Thanks to Boarders Mag videographer's Josiah and Micah Ness of Silverline Films with some great shots here.  In its second year the Payette River Games has emerged on the scene as the go-to event for boarders, featuring the largest prize purse in SUP history.  Athletes like Kai Lenny and Candice Appleby emerged on the scene along with blind surfing phenom Derek Rabelo.

3.  Dominic Lagace’s MyWake Video of the Year features the life of Doum and some action on his home turf in Canada and new moves like his varial flip.  Year after year Doum continues to push the sport as a veteran and one of the sport’s most popular athletes.  Always a smile on his face, he is exciting to watch and just as personable.  He travels the world to clinics and wake surf competitions and in the offseason he posts a tent up in Mexico and surfs all day.  

4.  2014 Centurion Enzo FS44- The top surf boat video of the year featuring the pinnacle of towboats, Mr. World’s himself, the FS44 thanks to Fineline Media.  A great looking new model, the FS 44, featuring team Centurion on beautiful Lake Powell.  Just as exciting is Centurion's new FS33 model, just a foot shorter than the 44.  New technologies include CATS and RAM Fill along with an eco-conscious filtration system.  Special thanks to Centurion boats who has been a huge supporter of our magazine and year after year they have continued to support wake surfing since founder Rick Lee paved the way a decade ago.  

5.  Welcome to the Jungle featuring Mastercraft Boats and soul surfer Donovan Frankenreiter.  From wake to surf and back, Donovan and crew shows us how multi-faceted surfing is.  Along with other surfers like Josh Mulcoy, Josh Kerr, Donovan too has joined the wake surf nation and stoke for endless waves.  

6.  Open Air Demo day at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah covers the boom of SUP, talk from some of the sport's leading professionals and previews some of the new 2015 models and new technologies.  The only non music video from the list and focus on the top voices who are making a difference in the inland stand up paddle market.  

7.  Great Lake Surfing in Wisconsin:  There are not too many lake surfing videos let alone a quality professional one like this one by Steen Grams in Sheboygan Wisconsin featuring the local surfing talent of Grant Davey, Alex Marks, Seth Gudmundson and Steen Grams.  Surf life on the great lakes, who would have thought, super cold, and mostly windy, but a perfect day caught on camera.  

8.  Surfing Indoors- Flow Riding in 4K:  Take skateboarding and the vibe of surfing and you get flowboarding.  These indoor surfing machines are popping up all over the nation and even on Cruise Liners like Carnival.  This film by Devin Graham at Provo Beach is probably the highest quality flow video of the year, through its 4K slow mo effects, you can really see how technical this sport is.  Devin Graham aka DevinSupertramp displays both the athletic side of the sport as well as a display of how fun it really is and the unlimited possibilities of flow tricks.  

by Tyler Marshall