Product Review: UE MEGABOOM - Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Dictating The Review From Bell's Helicopter Hanger

What can be said about the UE BOOM or UE MEGABOOM, to be more specific?... Well I should first tell you that I'm actually using it right now, to dictate this review through the built-in microphone -- so cool! 

It's so easy to use and has many hidden uses to surprise you.  I myself, take my red UE MEGABOOM with me literally everywhere: on flights when at Bell Helicopter, as I break for conference calls in the middle of the lake while doing a SUP workout, definitely for some tunes during a quick sesh inside the FlowRider, when hanging out next to the pool, it usually hangs off my backpack on longboard rides, and even rides with me in the car, so I never have to miss a beat of the beats I'm listening to; while I maintain my active lifestyle.

It has an incredible amount of resonance and fidelity and delivers optimal 360° sound via a dual passive speaker system.  The volume and clarity it produces when compared to any other speaker is simply irrevocable.  You can customize your EQ settings for improved sound control.  This dynamic speaker, with a clear 100 foot Bluetooth range, will pause for incoming calls and also allow hands-free use as a conference speaker. The UE MEGABOOM will seamlessly transition between music audio and whatever you currently select for viewing via Facebook, Youtube, Vines, Instagram etc.

The UE MEGABOOM only takes about 2 hours to fully charge, while delivering unmatched sound for 20 hours.  That is definitely sound math! Get it? Hahaha Anyways - To see how much battery life is left all you have to do is hold down the + and - at the same time, and the speaker will tell you the percentage of battery life remaining. Bonus to everything that I've just mentioned is that not only is it shock-proof and water-proof -- it actually floats! The UE MEGABOOM is IPX7-RATED; which translates to:  Durability.  It will withstand being dropped in puddles, streams, beer coolers and is even protected against water immersion of up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Are you looking to have a party, but you don't have a sound system? You can now combine 2 speakers and get that dynamic 360° stereo surround sound with the UE BOOM App. 

The UE MEGABOOM is perfect in more ways than one.  The speaker is only 2 pounds and will even fit in your cup holder.  Now the only thing is, I have get a 2nd one from the geniuses over at Ultimate Ears to have my party.  Definitely earns 11 out of 10 or...6-stars on 5-star scale.  Trust me - buy one and you'll be sure to buy two.   This product is Boarders Mag approved!

Reviewed & Written By: Sean Reavis