Product Review: Optrix PhotoProX - Turn Your iPhone into an Action Sports Waterproof Camera!

Paddling in Puerto Rico

Paddling in Puerto Rico

Standing apart from the rest, the Optrix PhotoPro X is not your typical everyday use type of phone case.  This specialized adventure case is capable of withstanding water pressure at a depth of 33 feet, and is rated to survive drops of equal measure.  The Optrix case eliminates the normal worry of water, dirt, and dust that destroys your phone and forces you to get a replacement.  Equipped with a variety of attachable lenses including:  telephoto, wide-angle, and macro; the Optrix case allows the user to create compelling shots, within a multitude of environments.  The Optrix case also comes with a regular everyday case that stays on your phone 24/7.  This normal case then slides into the PhotoProX case quickly and with ease whenever you are ready to employ its many attributes.  Most people would not think it is durable upon looking at it, but believe me... It is.  Having dropped my phone multiple times, I can tell you first hand, each and every time the case protected it from scratches and cracks.  The masterminds behind this innovation even added easy accessibility for charging or headphones via a hinge on the bottom that allows access while the case is still on.  

Currently available for iPhone 5 models, but launching for iPhone 6 and more devices any day now.  The user's phone is secured in a clear external housing with an easy to open hatch that seals tightly and protects against the elements.  This is sure to be desired by an ever growing active phone camera user.  Though it does prevent usage from the FaceTime camera, we must remind ourselves that this is not a product for the typical “Selfie” taker.  Optrix intends user to shoot selfies with the rear full 8MP camera and wide-angle lens to capture you and all your friends.  There is multiple mounts available to help you capture the perfect picture in any situation. 


We at Boarders Magazine utilized the Optrix PhotoProX in a variety of situations; all of which typically involve being on a board.  On the SUP boards, our music streamed seamlessly and consistently via Bluetooth to our portable speakers.  The ease and confidence it gave us allowed us to comfortably take crisp clear pictures and be creative, rather than settle for a regular lens.

Boat Crash in P.R.

Want to get that Clark Little style shore break photos? The phone stayed dry regardless of diving into waves...Translation -- Now you get to take those Clark Little style shore break photos with your iPhone to share instantly!  


Having the interchangeable lenses plays a huge role in shooting photos and also unique videos.  The wide-angle lens gives you a great 165-degree view.  The Telephoto x2 lens adds clarity to photos that normally get pixelation increase by having to normally zoom in.  By removing the need of a second camera, and increasing durability tenfold, the Optrix PhotoProX has created a reliable product for even the most amateur of iPhone photographers. The Optix PhotoProX is Boarders Mag Approved!