15 Year Old Wake Surfer Hunter Sims Sets a Record to Raise Funds for Orphanage

Hunter Sims with the MasterCraft X46

After months of planning, Hunter Sims the premier wake surf team rider for O’Brien Watersports, set a record for the most consecutive 180 degree’ “Shuv-It’s,” a difficult trick performed on the wake of a boat, while raising over $5000 for Small Steps for Compassion. The magnitude of the event hit Hunter about 20 minutes before his run.  Looking a little green he whispers “Mom… I think I’m going to throw up!”  With a large crowd in attendance, a stunning Master Craft X46 Wake boat supplied by Huston Motors from Lake Wales, FL the News Channel 8 crew prepping their gear, Hunter realized the time had come.  The clock struck high noon and off he went into the 63 degree water to push the limits of what he knew he could do.

Hunter Sims on his O'Brien Watersports Tesani

 As many people as possible crammed on to the chase boat, the wake got dialed in and Hunter began his run.  Nerves ran high as his first couple of 180’s were a little wobbly but then Hunter found his groove.  The music blared from the awesome speakers; everyone did their best to cheer him on as they chanted off numbers, 68, 69, 70…  Hunter’s knees began to quiver as he hit 90 (his personal best to date was 70 and ultimate goal 100.)  He almost went down at 96 which would have been huge loss as one generous donor pledged $1000 if he made it to 80 and $2000 for anything over 100.  The cramps set in and Hunter gave out after just over 9 minutes and 106 Shoves.  It was an emotionally charged run that has a big impact on the lives of orphaned children in Tanzania, Africa.

 Donations are being accepted through Saturday the 21st through www.huntersims.com, www.smallstepsforcompassion.com, or www.hunter.themakeitcountfoundation.org

Special thanks to O’Brien Watersports, Fuse Lenses, Turq Sport, Huston Motors MasterCraft, Boarders Magazine, Transition Watersports, GetMyTalk.com, Allatuoona Adventures, Kanga Marketing, Alliance Magazine, News Channel 8, Bay News 9, and all of the wonderful people who pledged.