3 Things To Improve Your Wake Surfing with Pro Wake Surfer - Sean Cummings

Sean's signature pose

Sean's signature pose

We sat down with pro wake surfer Sean Cummings to find out what 3 things can improve your wake surfing starting today! 

1. Confidence: When you attempt a trick think to yourself “I am going to do a 360” and not “I’m going to try”. Commit to yourself you are going to land it before you even attempt it.  Positive self-talk will help more that you know.

2. Board: Find a board that is the right fit for your riding.  The size & style (surf or skim) are very important. Try out as many boards as you can to find out what works best for you. (Sean Cummings pro model)

3. Have Fun: Wake surfing is all about having fun behind the boat expressing yourself through surfing. Don’t take it too serious because when it’s not fun anymore you stop progressing. 

Sean pulling into a drifter at the Endless Wave Tour. Photo: Tim Marek