River SUPing in Mexico with Aaron Koch

Nine years ago I had the urge to escape the cold winters of Kentucky.  Granted, KY winters are not that cold, I just couldn't handle kayaking in the cold water.  Those days I didn't know anything about SUP or any kind of paddle boarding.  My how things have changed!  My annual pilgrimage to Mexico has brought me endless rivers to paddle, great friends and amazing food!  Can we really ask for more?   Apart from kayaking Mexican rivers offer incredible chances to SUP, raft and even jump and swim waterfalls.  With no crowds!  

Mexico has plenty of hardcore class 5 rivers with 120 foot waterfalls, steep rapids and huge committing river canyons!  On the other hand, SUP in Mexico gives us access to hundreds of rivers that are skipped over by kayakers, due to their lack of class 4-5 rapids.  River SUP makes the most mediocre class 2 river into a challenging maelstrom of whitewater!  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it does give us adrenaline seekers a taste, without having to deal with the consequences of difficult whitewater.

The nice thing about Mexico is that whitewater paddling of any sort is still relatively unknown.  Rafting is the most popular, followed by kayaking, (especially waterfalls) then tubing, swimming with floaties and finally SUP.  Paddling SUP here makes me feel quite famous.  If we encounter groups, on or by the river, the cameras come out and everyone turns into paparazzi!  Gotta love that!  All kidding aside, south of the border you will find miles of clean, deep, turquoise colored, spring fed rivers.  The people are always welcoming and the scenery is extraordinary!   When the snow starts to fall, you know where I'll be!   

See you on the river!
Aaron Koch