The Unforgettable 2014 Supreme Wake Surf Championship

The Supreme Wake Surf Championship was the first stop on the 2014 World Series of Wake Surfing and there couldn’t have been a better event to kick it off!  This was my first time to go to Parker, AZ and experience the breathe taking views of the Lower Colorado River from the Cantina at Blue Water Resort and Casino.  To make the view even better was the gorgeous metal flake Supreme Boats S21 pulling some of the best wake surfers in the world!

Rider: Taylor Dorey

Rider: Taylor Dorey

For some competitors like Brittney Nyrose who traveled down from Canada this was the first time since last summer they were able to ride so everyone was knocking off the cob webs and getting their water dancing feet back under them Thursday afternoon.  Starting off the competition on Friday morning we were blessed with sunny weather, glassy water, and amazing people making the perfect recipe for an epic event.  As the competition got underway it was awesome to see everyone coming together to support each rider as they made their passes.

Once the pro divisions were up the sun was a blazing and so was the competition with top riders like James Walker, Keenan Flegel, Noah Flegel, and Aaron Witherell throwing massive airs and huge trick that stopped passing boat traffic on the water to get a glimpse of the greatness going down.  On Wakeboard Island I talk to multiple people who were visiting the casino and didn’t know what wake surfing is. They were thoroughly impressed with rippers like Raleigh Hager & Taylor Dorey who came down the shoreline showing off their large bag of tricks for the spectators.  This made them want to learn more about wake surfing and try it for themselves.  One of my favorite things to see was riders coming back to the dock stoked after landing new tricks like Vanessa Vincent with her first 360 to Shuv combo landed in competition and surf legend Josh Sleigh attempting kick flips pumping up the crowd. 

The event was a huge success even with the wind kicking up on Saturday.  Jeff & Judy Walker did a great job at making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the day. They put big smiles on everyone’s faces with Sombrero Madness and riders like Inland Surfer's Sean Cummings rode with his sombrero on and held down announcing the event on the mic. A big shout out to Curtis Strong and the Maveriks team for always being down to help out in their new Centurion FX44 with Switchblade as a chase boat to help us capture the event & take riders out to do photo shoots on the massive wake behind it.

Jeff Walker told me prior to coming to the event that this would be the most fun wake surf event of the year and I have to say it’s going to be extremely tough for other events to top the production they put on, it was top notch! Not only was the competition great the entire experience of being there was awesome. Wake Surfing during the day, singing karaoke at night with Todd Gaughan & Kaley Sparling (aka Mrs. World), watching Noah Flegel throw down on his wake skate at Wakeboard Island’s 2.0, sliding down the water slide with Parker Payne, and all the great conversations with every one of the awesome people that attended made it an Unforgettable experience. We highly recommend you make plans to be at the 2015 Supreme Wake Surf Championship! 

Article: Danny Braught

Photos: Tim Marek, Dylan Bellingan, & Mark Payne