World Series of Wake Surfing - Competition Guidelines

Coming to you straight from the President of For those that aren't familiar with The CWSA it is The Competitive Wake Surf Association which was formed to help promote the sport of wake surfing, provide recommended consistent and fair standards governing wake surfing events and tournaments, and to provide effective communication regarding wake surfing events and significant issues of interest to stake holders in the wake surfing industry.

The 2014 competitive wake surf season is about to kick-off!!  We are looking forward to seeing the highest caliber of riding AND events in the history of wake surfing.

Attached below you will find the Approved 2014 CWSA Judging and Scoring Criteria and Recommendations.  All World Series of Wake Surfing Events are required by the WWSC organizer/promoter to utilitze the CWSA adopted criteria and systems, exclusively, at each World Series stop. 

It is the responsibility of each Event Coordinator to ensure that the 2014 Judging and Scoring Criteria and Recommendations are firmly understood and adhered to by all involved in each World Series event.  This is intended to ensure consistency in judging and individual event results, throughout the course of the season. 

The CWSA will do our best to support the World Series events.  Our goal is to make the World Series of Wake Surfing, the most consistent, professional and fair competitive wake surf series possible.  If you would like clarification on any issue relating to the judging/scoring/running of an event, please feel free to reach out to myself, or any CWSA Board Member.

Also - You will find attached below a formal explanation of the qualification criteria that will be used for World Series competitors to qualify for the World Wake Surf Championships in Lake Las Vegas, September 2014.  

Read more and see attached Judging and Scoring Criteria Here: