Syck Trix - Learn New Tricks in The Comfort of Your Living Room

You’ve played on balance boards to help your boarding skills but learning how to ollie, do shuvs, and flip tricks on a balance board isn’t ideal .  The Syck Trix training kit brings balance and board skills together! With a skateboard deck and patented inflatable suspension system the board pops like a real skateboard and lands softly still using balance, but without the board rolling away from you while learning new tricks. 

Skateboard tricks are the base to all board sport tricks and will elevate your game on any board. The Syck Trix board stands alone with it being the only indoor training board that truly mimics all of today’s board sports. It’s all about board control and Syck Trix is the way to go when putting a new trick in your bag. Get off the couch, grab a Syck Trix and learn a new trick while watching your favorite tv show. We give the Syck Trix board the Boarders Stamp of Approval! 

Check out this awesome video displaying tricks you can learn right in your living room: