XSUP SAC - Group Paddling Fun

The XSUP SAC is a creative piece of equipment used to improve a user’s skill set while Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Originally the XSUP SAC was designed as a coaching tool for Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons as a way to teach balance, agility, and board handling skills. The XSUP SAC can also be used for fun, to play catch on the water or as an organized competition of The XSUP GAMES, a team sport based on the use of The XSUP SAC. The XSUP SAC can be easily “flipped” or ”tossed” from participant to participant using a standard paddleboard paddle. The paddle is used to “snag” the mid-section of the XSUP SAC which is made of mesh. Check out this video and to get your own visit XSUPCo.com