Interview with Shane Perrin After Setting New SUP World Record

Shane Perrin attempted the World Record for longest paddle in 24 hours, a record which he himself set earlier this year in May. He fell short of his goal of 100 miles and had to go after it again. This time completing 101 miles! Check out what he had to say about the adventure.

Within those 24 hours, how often are you changing up your stroke technique to utliize different body parts?
It depends, if I find a groove, or have a set of songs play that rock I may paddle one stroke for an hour or so.  Sometimes you just know it's time to change it up.  In my case I had my left shoulder talking to me a bit.  After 6 hours I switched things up every 10-15 minutes to give some relief to the shoulder. 

Distance is your game and grinding it out for miles after miles, why?  Why do you put yourself through all this?
It's about finding how far I can push  this body I've been given.  Each expedition I learn a little more about myself.  I feel I'm still uncovering what's within my capabilities.


You have gone on several big ventures like this, has this been the most challenging yet?
People think since it's lower mileage than I usually do that it's easier.  It's actually opposite.  With a time constraint I had to paddle between 4.5-5.5 mph the entire 24 hours.  That's not an easy thing.  It definitely was a challenge but I rank the Texas Water Safari (260 miles) the toughest to date.

Who would you like to thank? 

Always the wife first. She stays at home with our 2 kids while I get to do this.  Mr. Sup Gladiator Casey Gotcher; he was a huge part bringing this altogether.  Austin Paddle sports owners Andy Lukei and Ryan "Slim" Stephens.  David Dobbins and John Fox.  All the above crewed for the entire 24 hours.  Glide Sup, Sawyer paddles, Switch Sunglasses, Vertical Oar, Live Love SUP and Dave Boehne.  And of course the Mustache, it gives me super powers!