The Indo Board of Surf - GoofBoard

How, when and why was goof board started?  Does its founder have a surfing background?

For years, I had seen the Indo Board advertised to surfers, but to me it never looked like surfing.  After a friend bought one, I tried it.  It was fun and challenging, but it did not feel like surfing.  The notion hit me that a rail-to-rail motion was the way to go, with a longer, narrower board and roller running parallel with each other.  My crude prototype was a success.  I showed it to friends and they loved it too, so it was too good of a concept not to start a business around it.  The GoofBoard was launched in 2010. 

I started surfing in 1974 at the age of 15 and jumped on the longboard resurgence around 1988.  The GoofBoard has really helped my cross stepping and overall board control.  I give it credit for giving me the skills to surf without a leash most of the time.

Wingnut riding GB (2).jpg

How have goofboard sales been so far?

It’s been very well received.  We get glowing comments from customers.  Our business model is to sell online direct only.  I’m sure we could sell more if we chose to sell through distributors, but I prefer the simplicity of the current model.  

What is your target market?

Although boarders of all kinds can benefit from riding the GoofBoard, our target market is surfers and primarily longboard surfers because of the walking aspect.  Another target is stand up paddle boarders as the paddle stance on the GoofBoard is quite realistic.    

Do you sell a lot of these to the inland market?

Yes, we sell a lot within landlocked areas.  It’s common to hear comments about surfers who moved inland and are looking for a little stoke.  We also hear from people that dream of surfing some day and getting a head start with the GoofBoard.  Of course SUP is everywhere, lakes, rivers, etc.  

Where do you make your product and of what type of materials?

The board is made from 11-ply Baltic birch plywood sheets that come from Russia.  The pipes (rollers) are made in California from super-stout recycled materials (a.k.a. cardboard) with a water proof coating applied.  The boards are made in California at the GoofBoard factory.

What is the future for GoofBoard and what do you hope to accomplish in 2014?  Any new products?

2014 will be a pivotal year for us.  Two new models will be released in March.  Both new models are shorter and will ride rail-to-rail AND nose-to-tail using a single pipe.  With a proprietary pipe coating, both boards will have a perfect board-to-pipe “slip-to-grip” ratio that allow for a pivoting motion simultaneous with the rocking motion.   Engineers call this pivoting motion “yaw.”  It’s fair to say that the new models are a Goof/Indo hybrid.  They keep the rail-to-rail motion (and lose some of the walking dynamic), but gain the rocking motion, while introducing the “pivot.”


Armin Brown