Paddleboard "Jeep Pull" with LakeSet Fitness

Nate Richard, paddle pioneer/fitness innovator/founder of LakeSet Fitness, has discovered a new training technique that will take your SUP strength and power to the next level.  

Nate Pioneer.jpg

After years of training and competing Nate has discovered that peak performance can only be obtained when adrenaline is at its max, when the body is shocked and a life or death situation is on the line.  On Sunday January 26 on Lake Grapevine, TX a life or death situation was on the line.  The situation:  a Jeep stuck deep in the mud and slowly sinking to its demise.  But after years of training Nate was prepared for the worst and quickly grabbed some rope and his custom 404 racer, attached one end to the front of the Jeep and the other to his waist and tried to save the Jeep’s life.  In doing so he was unsuccessful, but while he failed to save the Jeep he succeeded in discovering another new workout program to add to his lineup.  “I’ve never had to use every ounce of my strength like this before.  One week later I am still sore,” says Nate.  Nate went on to tell us that he is excited about implementing his new and innovative “Jeep-Pull” into summer class program at LakeSet Fitness with DFW Surf on lakes throughout N. Texas.    

As far as building muscle goes probably the most important aspect is muscle confusion, or mixing up your normal workout by trying something new.  This could be the amount of weight or reps, but more importantly a completely different exercise and Nate’s new and patented Jeep-Pull is the definition of muscle confusion for paddleboarding.  Nate also informed us that, “If you are not ready for the Jeep-Pull you can try attaching some weights to your board leash or throw some bricks in a backpack.”  Even before that he recommends trying out his ropes course and land pully training before moving to the water.  The science behind the new system is moving less with more (weight).  Why paddle or run six miles when you can work hard for just one?

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