Boarders Mag Top 4 Things to do this Winter

Boarders Mag Top 4 Things to do this Winter:

1. Flowboarding-  Have you ever tried it?  Along with the growth in popularity of cable parks for wake boarding, flowboarding has really started to emerge on the scene in the last five years with several new indoor surfing spots throughout the country providing a surf-like experience year round.  Flowboarding is wake skating with a surfing vibe and although most flowboarders claim that it is "not surfing" the similarities are identical to surfing for the first time:  nervousness, shakiness, being uncomfortable and not knowing what to do, meanwhile balance is the key and big wipeouts are inevitable.  Keeping your balance in check, laughing with friends, spraying buckets and a skate/surf like feeling that won’t break your bank puts flowboarding on the top of our list.  Shown here is a double flowrider at Fantasy Surf in Orlando, Florida.  This is the practice spot for big name pros like Sean Silveira, Nick Nguyen and Chuck Wright.

Sean Silvera

Sean Silvera

2. Surf Set Fitness- the ultimate workout for inland surfers or for anyone wanting to get that toned out beach body.  Surf Set Fitness hit the scene big after being backed by Mark Cuban on the hit reality t.v show Shark Tank and today there are locations throughout the US providing several types of intense workouts on patented Surf Set balance boards.  Throw in some techno music and a giant projection screen playing your favorite surf movies and after a couple weeks of paddle strength and balance exercises you will be ready to head to the beach.  Shown here is City Surf Fitness in Dallas, Texas offering yoga inspired classes along with their patented Beach Body Bootcamp and a City Surf comprehensive exercise routine four to five classes a day.

City Surf.jpg

3. Indoor SUP Yoga- Along with the onset of stand up paddle boarding around 2008 there have been several new activities within the yoga world including "SUP Yoga," or yoga on top of paddle boards. Most paddleboard companies today are offering some sort of SUP Yoga class and have now moved indoors during winter months at local community pools and activities centers. SUP Yoga takes your focus one step further, similar to Surf Set Fitness, because you are on top of a moving object. Although you are not outside in a serene setting the plus is that your boards are not being affected by windy conditions making indoor SUP Yoga an ideal place to get started and a great activity to try in the offseason. DFW Surf in North Texas has teamed up with yoga giant lululemon to continue its SUP Yoga classes in the offseason months at local indoor pools like this one at The Colony Aquatic Park.

Indoor SUP Yoga Girl.jpg

4. Travel. Surf.-  The best thing for your soul. Go out of your norm. Meet people.  Explore. While we are all about surfing within we understand that the within could not be possible without the real thing; so what about a real surfing adventure on the coast or overseas? No passport, no problem, you could head to Puerto Rico to legendary Rincon. On a tight budget? Try heading to Costa Rica. Looking for a great surf spot and a place to stay nearby?  Then check out our buddies at Wavecation, waves + vacation = Wavecation, your source for surf travel online at

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By: Tyler Marshall