Clean custom shaped waves crash into convenience with the Swell, a next generation surf system from Supra Boats. The convenience of transferring side to side without moving ballast or people is only a small part of Supra Swell Surf System performance. Two sculpted surfer-inspired wave styles, improved handling and visibility as well as VISION touch dash integration and customization will completely elevate your expectations of wake surfing. Precisely designed and built entirely of stainless steal, the Swell system is another example of of passion meeting precision in Supra Boats. Surf clean custom shaped waves with Supra Swell, available on 2014 Supra SA and SC models only.

Pro Wakesurfer Trevor Miller shredding the Swell surf system.

We caught up with Trevor Miller to find out more about his experience riding the Supra Swell surf system. 

"Getting to go down and ride with Amy and Shane with Supra was an amazing experience. They were super nice and very excited to show me how they hoped to influence the Wakesurfing world with their new surf system.

From the first moment of seeing the new system on the trailer I could tell it was something new and different. The supra surf system is not like any other system I have seen. The Swell system has the ability to throw a super clean wake, something I have always missed with some of the other systems.

The new surf system will prove to be one of the most adjustable wakes out there. You will be able to take it from a mellow well rounded skim wave to a heavy and deeply barreled wake." - Trevor

Here are the two style of waves Trevor is talking about. On the left is the rounded skim wave and on the right is the steeper surf style wave.

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