Air 180 to Revert with Chris Wolter

A frontside air 180 is one of those tricks that not too many riders have mastered. It takes a lot of speed, power, and style to pull off a clean one and keep riding. Reverses are all about leading with your head and shoulders, and letting the rest of the body follow. Remember, just like the song, “head, shoulders, knees, and toes.”  Practice makes perfect kids. Aloha!

1-2 Approach and wind up- First off you’re going to want to start your approach from the back of the *pocket. Using your toe rail, take one or two good pumps to obtain speed and spot your take off. Notice in shot 1 Chris is already winding up his upper body and by shot 2 he is already turning his head and beginning to open up his shoulders.

3-4-5 Popping- As you near the top quarter of the wave, shift your weight back a bit, using the water pushing up the face, and some toe pressure to boost the tail of your board out of the water. Take note that Chris’s shoulders are now perpendicular to the rails of his board, and the nose of his board naturally follows just under the path of his front hand.

6-7 Rotation and landing- Once airborne, you want to let the tail drift up above the nose of your board as it rotates. This keeps the fins out of the water and disengaged. In a full reverse 360, you would want to follow through with your back shoulder. In this trick , Chris is anticipating the *revert so he keeps his rear arm tucked behind him. Landing tail first, keep more weight on the heels of your front foot and let your fins slide down the face of the wave.

8-9 Revert- Your board has now completed a full 180 degree rotation. (You can really *steaz this trick out by holding it backwards into the *flats.) A little heel pressure on your back foot will re-engage the fins and spin your board back around to regular. Take care that your toe rail doesn’t catch water as it spins back to regular.

10 Recovery-You will burn off a bunch of speed through this trick and it doesn’t count unless you ride away. Get back on your toes, and get that board moving again as soon as possible. Congratulations, you just pulled a frontside air 180 to revert.

*steaz- slang for style or being stylie

*flats- referring to the water at the bottom of the wave.

*pocket- the area of a waves face just in front of the whitewater.  Also  called “the curl”

*revert- the action of a board spinning back the same way as it came.


Reverse by Chris Wolter.jpg