DJJamesZ Slaying Waves at Typhoon Lagoon

"What up, this is DJJamesZ. Just got back from a recent trip to Typhoon Lagoon. Typhoon Lagoon is located in Orlando, Florida at Disneyworld. Typhoon Lagoon offers a left, right, and A-frame peak waves to surf. You can get 100 waves a day by yourself or with your friends. When the swell is flat and I'm bored with wake surfing I usually head out there with 1 or 2 friends and surf 450 waves over 3 days. Good way to get it out of your system. Here are some photos and video. Enjoy and go surf it. You can book Typhoon Lagoon online 2 months in advance. "

 "Thanks to Chad Gallagher and Frank Yates for shooting all the video and photos. Special thanks to Pam at typhoon lagoon for always taking care off me and my family . Body glove for being an awesome sponsor. And to the guys behind the wave that have worked with me to make the perfect wave . They told me I've surfed that place more then anyone."