Sean Cummings: Dirty D Wake Surf Specialist

Sean Cummings aka DollaDollaBill shares a little bit about himself and his wake surfing experience. 

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Local Riding Spot: Delta aka the Dirty D

Years Riding: 9

Stance: Regular

Boat: Centurion Enzo 230

Board: Inland Surfer Sean Cummings Pro Model

Sponsors: Centurion Boats, Inland Surfer, X1 Audio, Liquid Image,, and Wake Shredder

Upcoming events: Aw man too many haha. West Coast Open, Wake Anna, Antelope Point Challenge, 10K Lakes and whatever else I can squeeze in.

Who inspires you: Too many to say.  I’d have to say numerous people inspire because because each has a unique quality.  I'm easily inspired by the simplest thing.  But realistically my parents for the drive and will to work as much as they have to provide a great childhood for me.  My girlfriend Missy for all her amazing organizational skills and drive to be the best.  So many riders of different sports all play a role.  Many of my close riding friends all inspire me because each one has a different view of riding and different style of riding. 

What's your favorite thing about wake surfing: My favorite things about wake surfing is the endless wave that's created.  I grew up skim boarding and ocean surfing and instantly fell in love with wake surfing.  I love being able to teach people and see their smile when they get up their first time.  So many parts of wake surfing I love I can't even mention them all.

Words of advice for up and coming riders:  Words of advice? The major thing I learned was when I learned how to wake surf I had so much fun, then started to compete and be too serious about things. My riding style went down along with my happiness.  I learned that even when in a competitive arena to keep it fun and you will always ride your best.  This is why sometimes you'll see me doing things like wearing a sombrero during my run at the Supreme Wake Surf Championshop event we just had or wearing sunglasses with a built in mustache at the West Coast Open.  I tell all these young kids, just remember this is fun and keep it FUN.  

Photo: Missy 

Photo: Missy