Boarders Sweepstakes! 

Boarders brings you the latest and greatest!  Enter for your chance to win the ultimate surf traction from Viskus a wax alternative that feels completely natural beneath your feet!  No more messy wax on your boat! Enter today for your chance to win and share with your friends to increase your odds. 

About Viskus:

Viskus is an innovative, performance board grip that allows you to instantly peel, stick, and surf.  It is created from a water-based environmentally friendly solution that is light weight, flexible, and non-permanent.  Viskus provides instant surf beads that are soft on your feet and nipples, while maintaining a natural feel to your board.  It won’t melt, performs for multiple sessions, comes in various levels of viscosity, bead sizes, patterns and is 100% customizable.   The adhesive has been specially formulated to immediately bond to your board without any set-up time, and can be easily peeled off when you want to change your grip. Whether you require that extra stickiness for a contest, mastering a new trick, or simply to change the look of your board-it is a simple’s Viskus.