Leif Tech - eSnowboard

This is the one and only eSnowboard for year-round shredding anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for offseason training, cruising around town, or simply adding some adrenaline to your daily commute.  Imagine carving down a mountain or snapping a turn on your favorite wave, and now imagine this experience on your daily commute, in your driveway or just cruising around town. Only the LEIF eSnowboard brings the mountains and waves to the pavement. This isn’t ‘like snowboarding’. The LEIF is snowboarding on pavement.


·       Top Speed: 20 mph (32 kmph)

·       Weight: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)

·       Range: up to 8 miles per battery (varies with terrain and riding style)

·       Recharging time: up to 90 minutes with swappable batteries

·       Max Incline at Top Speed: 15% grade

·       Power:  2,595 watts

·       WirelessRemote: No minimum speed

For more on the eSnowboard visit www.leiftech.com

Check out the video below to see eSnowboarding in action!