iSurf Aloha Cruiser

10’6″ Aloha Cruiser

The Aloha Cruiser is designed primarily to be an efficient flatwater paddler that can also be surfed.  It is a great all-around board for beginners up to 195 pounds.

By using EPS/Epoxy construction, we are able to minimize weight and maximize durability.  This board is laminated with three layers of 6-ounce fiberglass on the top and two layers of 6-ounce plus one layer of 4-ounce fiberglass on the bottom, with all layers lapping the rails.  The result is 34-ounces of fiberglass lapping the rails, guaranteeing strength in the areas of the board most susceptible to damage (nose, rails & tail).

Specs: 10’6″ x 31.5″ x 4.5″  | 26 pounds